UX Design Process Best Practices: Documentation for Driving Design Forward — Part 3

Mapping Out Your Users

No matter what process or documentation you use, one guideline always remains relevant: design for the user.

User Personas

User personas are perhaps the most important document you’ll create for analyzing users. They are the foundation for the rest of user documentation, which expands on personas for deeper insights. Under the right circumstances you can get away with skipping some of the other user documents, but skipping personas is not at all recommended.

Mapping out users — UXPin Ebook

User Stories

Once you have your personas set up, it’s time to use them. A good first step is creating a user story. These are simple sentences or small paragraphs that elaborate on the user’s motivations and goals.

User Scenarios

Now you have your personas and their goal. A user scenario explains the step-by-step process for getting there, including which pages they go to, where they click, and how long each stage takes.

User scenarios best practices — UXPin Ebook

Customer Journey Maps

Personas, user stories, and user scenarios will give you enough understanding of your user within the context of your product, but you must create a customer journey map if you want to understand the entire brand experience.


As we’ve mentioned before, the design process is rarely linear. In an ideal world without deadlines or other restraints, you could build all these documents at their leisure before even considering the design. But that’s not always the case, and sometimes these documents can come “out of order.”

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