UX Design in Action: How Today’s Top Companies Design Their Products

Today, we’re very excited to release our second online guide.

For the past 3 months, we interviewed designers at 5 top companies to learn their most useful processes and activities. From pair design to “design swarms”, we‘re showing how UX adapts to different cultures and organizations.

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Pair design at Slack
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Mobile-first exploration sessions at Kaplan Test Prep

We learned about the product design lifecycle at:

  • Autodesk
  • Slack
  • Kaplan Test Prep
  • Sumo Logic
  • 3M Health Care

Spanning the consumer and enterprise space, UX Design in Action shows a wide spectrum of design processes in the real world. Theory only gets you so far — this guide is all about in-depth practice.

For each company, we aimed to answer some core questions:

  1. How do feature requests and product ideas originate?
  2. How does the team perform discovery and UX research?
  3. How are ideas prioritized and scheduled?
  4. How much collaboration is involved in the process?
  5. What does the “hands-on” design process look like (e.g. wireframing, prototyping, mockups, etc.)?
  6. How do they schedule and conduct usability tests in their sprints?
  7. When is the product actually “Done”?

We hope the guide will help companies understand that it’s not about finding the best UX process — it’s about finding the right one based on your specific needs.

So, without further ado, take a look at our new guide. Let us know your thoughts below. And if you like it, feel free to share.

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