UX at Scale 2017: Virtual Summit

The first free online conference for scaling design

Design just doesn’t scale like engineering. As teams grow, your processes and products will eventually break.

That’s why we’ve gathered 15 experts to share their best practices for scaling design successfully.

On Oct 3–6, we’re hosting our third virtual event: UX at Scale 2017. Learn from UX leaders at Salesforce, Atlassian, Airbnb, Google, IDEO, Autodesk, and many others.

Thanks to sponsorship from Salesforce and Atlassian, the event is totally free to join from anywhere. Based on past attendance, we’re expecting 25–30,000 registrants.

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Topics include: design systems, building UX teams, calculating UX ROI, automating processes, crafting design culture, cross-functional collaboration, and more.

The 15 handpicked speakers include:

  • Maria Giudice — VP of UX at Autodesk
  • Kyle Haskins — Director of UX at Salesforce
  • Alastair Simpson — Head of Design, Confluence, HipChat and Platform at Atlassian
  • David Cronin — VP of UX at GE Digital
  • Russ Unger — Experience Design Director, 18F (U.S. Government)
  • JonDelina Buckley — Principal Designer at ADP
  • Amy Parnell — VP, Experience Design at Linkedin
  • Dr. Laura Granka — UX Director, Google

The challenges of scaling design won’t be solved in just 4 days. But we will have uncovered many more solutions, and in the process, opened up that much-needed conversation to the global design community.

Register here for free.

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