Scaling Design Thinking in the Enterprise. Best Practices From a 5-Year Case Study

A Few Quick Words

Now is a great time to be a design leader.

Design Thinking Beyond Buzzwords

While you practice design thinking every day, outsiders most likely see it as some form of magical thinking. At the very least, it’s certainly a buzzword.

Design Thinking in 30 seconds

Design thinking might feel convoluted from over-usage, but it’s actually a very straightforward concept.

Design thinking — scaling design systems UXPin Ebook

Design Thinking in Action

In many organizations, UX teams become facilitators and trainers of a design thinking movement. They help employees in other roles learn this new way of approaching problems.

  1. how design thinking impacts the business in a variety of industries and
  2. how to craft your change strategy from idea to results.
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With some examples to reference, now the real work starts.

Step 1: Recruit Your Core Supporters

Culture change isn’t one-size-fits-all, and it only happens with conscious effort and supporters.

Pitching to Leadership

Leaders only need to know two things:

  1. what design thinking is, and
  2. how it meets business goals.

Teaching Leadership

Once you get buy-in, it helps to teach leadership some introductory design thinking.

Teaching Leadership

Build Your First Employee Fanbase

Once you have some leaders on board, prioritize the first groups or teams you want to influence. Start small and run a few pilots, learning from your experiences as you scale up. Treat evangelism as a design project — you must be willing to iterate on your approach.

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Both teaching and coaching are key to building a design thinking movement. Start with a well-scoped project or two and use those to learn about your company as well as hone your approach.

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