The Newly Redesigned UXPin: A Visual History

It’s hard to believe that nearly 5 years have passed since the release of UXPin as a digital platform. We’ll take a brief stroll down memory lane, then explain the most impactful changes in the rebuilt UXPin.

UXPin in 2011:

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Our first release in 2011 was still riding the tail end of skeumorphism

UXPin in 2015:

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A more streamlined interface, but still room for improvement.

So why redesign?

  • Design debt. We grew extremely fast through the years, which lead to us accumulating on “design debt”. Over time, legacy elements just didn’t really align anymore with our vision. They bogged down the experience.
  • Performance debt. Users sometimes reported that the app felt sluggish.
  • Practical inspiration. This may seem like a lofty goal, but we wanted a tool that inspired others to build better products. A tool that was rooted deeply in usability principles and that invoked the timeless and iconic designs of yesterday.
  • Room to grow. Our previous design and back-end didn’t allow flexibility to build out new features easily. To minimize creative constraints, we needed to overhaul our entire engine alongside the UI.

To hone in on the right updates and fixes, we conducted almost 100 user interviews and over 20 usability tests. After months of iteration, we launched our beta program and iterated on feedback (via Slack channel) on a daily basis.

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And now it leads us to today. We’re beyond excited to introduce our rebuilt, reimagined design collaboration platform.

UXPin 3.0 as of June 9th 2016 (dark version):

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You can choose between a light or dark interface
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New Zen Mode lets you design free from any distractions.

Here’s the highlights:

  • 30x faster engine: Our developers worked their magic to eliminate the slowness that users mentioned before.
  • Zoom: Now you can hone in on specific elements or get a full birds-eye view.
  • Groups in groups: You can nest groups of elements so complex content is easier to find.
  • Light or dark interface: Choose what works best based on your contrast preferences.

We’re planning more improvements in the months ahead, so stay tuned! If you’d like to play with the new UXPin, go ahead and start your free trial.

And of course, always welcome to feedback in the comments below.

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