Have You Tried Designing with Code? Introducing MUI 5 kit in UXPin

We’re bringing the MUI library to UXPin to make you experience what designing with code components is like.

Design has a very important role in product development. It shapes the experience that the end-user has with the product. It also clarifies what is supposed to be created and how it should work. Finally, it impacts the business.

Yet, all of that is challenging to get right if there’s a communication gap between design and development. A gap that we work so hard to fix.

Since the start, we’ve created a tool that is powered by code and renders HTML and CSS. As a next step, we’ve released UXPin Merge that brings React components to our editor.

Today, we want to democratize code-based design even further — by introducing MUI 5 kit to UXPin as one of the open-sourced libraries available in the app.

Why MUI?

MUI is one of the greatest React component libraries out there. It’s one of the libraries that’s in UXPin that offers building blocks for UI, and it’s a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to try code-powered prototyping.

What makes MUI so special?

  • It’s widely popular — MUI has 2.3K weekly downloads and it reigns supreme on every list of best React libraries.
  • It has great documentation — MUI has extensive documentation that helps you at every step of using it.
  • It’s in line with material design principles — it was developed according to the best design guidelines — Material Design principles.
  • It’s super easy to use — you don’t need to know much about coding to create prototypes using MUI code components.

All of those benefits makes it an amazing library to start designing with code.

How does it work?

The MUI library is super easy to use in the UXPin editor. See the video walk-through to learn how you can create prototypes with the kit in the editor.

Sign up for the UXPin trial. See how easy code-powered prototyping can be.

What do you get with the MUI 5 kit in UXPin?

If you haven’t designed with code, now is the time. There are a ton of benefits of using the MUI kit. You’ll get:

  • 90 + interactive components.
  • Single source of truth for designers & developers.
  • Production-ready code for devs to build products faster.
  • Quick way of adjusting properties.
  • Faster design process with fully interactive components.

Try MUI in UXPin

Sign up for a trial and take it for a test ride. If you want to fully customize all components or bring your React components to the code editor, go ahead and try out Merge–our code-powered technology.




The design tool for teams and professionals. From UI design and prototyping to collaboration and handoff. Speed it up with UXPin. • www.uxpin.com

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The design tool for teams and professionals. From UI design and prototyping to collaboration and handoff. Speed it up with UXPin. • www.uxpin.com

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