Enterprise UX 2016 Industry Report Survey

We’ve seen plenty of reports and insights in the overall field of UX.

Enterprise UX, however, faces a unique set of challenges given its scale and complexity of problems. The term “enterprise UX” refers to the design of internal tools or B2B products, generally within global corporations with hundreds if not thousands of employees.

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Product design at Slack. Photo credit: Diogenes Brito.

Despite the size of the industry, we’ve not seen much in-depth research or educational material within the space. Our 2016 Enterprise UX Industry Report aims to change all that.

We’ll release it in Fall 2016 completely for free.

If you design B2B products or internal tools, we’d love to get your feedback in this 3-minute survey. Results are 100% anonymous.

Join hundreds of others by completing the survey here.

Originally published at www.uxpin.com on August 17, 2016.

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