Early Access to Our Revolutionary Merge Technology

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re on the mission to merge design and engineering into one, unified product development process. In a nutshell, we’re chasing the ideal software production process.

We think product development can be much more efficient and easier. So you can focus on the important stuff… like actually designing.

Merge lets you import and sync production ready React.js components from Git repositories to the UXPin Editor. All data and interactions included! Merge is a revolutionary technology that connects design and engineering. It allows you to design from coded components — the real source of truth.

How Merge works

We just launched Merge beta, and want you to be the first ones in on it. Thousands are currently waiting for access, so we thank you for your patience in advance!

To learn more, check out our recent webinar on the inspiration behind this technology.

UXPin is the design process tool that helps product teams around the world turn ideas into products faster.

With Merge, UXPin’s revolutionary technology, companies like PayPal can easily solve DesignOps challenges. UXPin Merge allows you to design with React components to achieve full consistency with the final product.

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