No Designers, No Problem — Become a Design Expert in 3 Steps

4 min readJan 24, 2024


Do you have a great product idea? Or are trying to streamline internal processes? If so, you’re in the right place.

We will show you how to build UI that would take you 60 minutes in Figma, and it will take you 8 minutes in UXPin Merge (yeah, it was measured.)

Don’t cry if you can’t get a hold of designers

Design knowledge is priceless. It guides design choices and makes the product more intuitive and easy to use for the target user.

You can, however, create a visually stunning UI without designers on your team. We’re here to prove it.

You need a design environment, not designers

It’s not a designer that you need. It’s a design environment — a place that you can:

  1. Explore a UI layout.
  2. Test your design.
  3. Present it to stakeholders.

A designer’s environment, aka a design tool, is the best option to make that happen.

Most design tools require a designer. You need to draw images, fake interactions, handle design systems in order to create a UI design that meets your criteria.

That’s most design tools.

Not UXPin Merge. UXPin Merge works differently. Let’s show you how.

Get UXPin Merge — The perfect design environment

Using UXPin Merge, you’re not drawing a design, you’re creating a UI with pre-built coded components — small building blocks that you can drag around the layout and… auto-generate the code straight off the design.

Need a button? You have it! Just take it out of a design library and put it on the canvas. Need a menu? It’s there, too! And, it can be responsive, too.

The components that you can use come from coded component libraries like MUI. They’re fully interactive, so when you’re ready to showcase your design, it will behave like an end-product and you can copy the code from the design into your development environment.

Build a design in 3 steps

Need a simple formula to get started? Follow this 3-step process.

  1. 🖼️ Pick a canvas size. UXPin allows you to create a design for any screen size. Choose one of the available ones or set up your own.
  2. 🧩 Drag and drop design components. Select components from the library and put them on the canvas to create a design that you need. Set up interactions between the elements, adjust their size, and composition. You can preview how the UI elements will behave in Share mode.
  3. ⌨️ Copy the code. Are you ready to ship your design? Copy the ready code from components and build your app. Watch CoderOne’s video to see how to do it.

Design is easy with UXPin Merge

On our blog, we’re showing you how you can design with UXPin Merge. We walked you through building a responsive dashboard. Want to see it?

To create it yourself by following our tutorial posted on the blog, “How to Build a Simple Dashboard with MUI components.” Build your own dashboard without a hassle.

Or sign up for a trial and try UXPin Merge by yourself 👉 Try UXPin Merge.

More design(less) features in 2024

We’re working on integrations and adding pre-built templates to make a design even easier than it is right now. Here are 3 upcoming features we want to highlight. Sign up here to be notified of the release date and test it early 👉 Try UXPin Merge.

✨ AI assistant

Get our ChatGPT plugin that will help you customize components easily. This will speed up your design process 10x if not more! Happy to show it to you in a demo here.

✨ Pre-designed templates

Jumpstart your project with ready-made page templates as well as walkthroughs on how to design forms, sign-up screens, dashboards that can be copied and customized to your project.

✨ Tailwind CSS support

Build custom design with Tailwind CSS components. Use the ones that are already imported by our team or import your own custom components by copying and pasting their code.

✨ Export prototype to Stackblitz or download it.

The design isn’t the only thing that UXPin Merge speeds up for you. So is development. With our upcoming integration, you will be able to export prototype to Stackblitz. Or simply download it as a React project.

Try UXPin Merge

Build your MVP, internal product, or any app that you need. Without designers.

Take your UI from design to development much faster and ship the finished product in the same timeframe that it would take you to get a hold of a designer. Try for yourself.

👉 Try UXPin Merge.




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