Announcing Enterprise UX Virtual Summit 2017

The World’s Largest UX Event

We are in the midst of the enterprise product renaissance.

Established organizations are finally seeing the value of UX. But enterprise design isn’t as easy as just hiring a bunch of designers and calling it a day.

How do you create a sustainable design culture? How do you overcome years of technical debt and design debt? How do you adapt UX principles for business products?

After months of planning, we’re beyond excited to announce that our first virtual conference is now open to registration.

As the name suggests, Enterprise UX Virtual Summit 2017 (Feb. 14–17) gathers top practitioners and leaders to share best practices for designing in the enterprise. We’ve invited folks from companies like IBM, SAP, Google, HP Enterprise, Asana, Core Logic, and others.

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Topics include scaling UX, creating design systems, standardizing UX process, improving enterprise usability, evangelizing design culture, overcoming legacy technology, and more.

It’s the first online event of its size and scale. The topics focus on challenges faced by senior practitioners and UX leaders. Every session draws from real case studies — no fluff allowed.

Get actionable advice from 15 live webinars. Network with thousands of peers in the Slack lobby. Join for free from anywhere in the world.

The 20 speakers include:

  • Irene Au — Design Partner at Khosla Ventures
  • Jeff Veen — Design Partner at True Ventures
  • Leslie Witt — Head of UX for Small Business Products at Intuit
  • Lou Rosenfeld — Information architecture legend and founder of Rosenfeld Media
  • Amanda Linden — Head of Design at Asana
  • Andrew Sandler — Director of Product Design at Groupon Merchant

See you there! And feel free to invite your friends and coworkers. Let’s continue to evolve enterprise UX together.

Register now for free

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