Agile UX Virtual Summit 2017

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2 min readMay 16, 2017

There’s lots of great design conferences, but not everyone has the time or budget to attend them.

So back in late 2016, we asked ourselves “why not create an online UX conference, sponsor it, and make it free for the world?” It was a crazy idea and a lot of work. But the idea took off — Enterprise UX Virtual Summit 2017 set a world record in February this year with 32K registrants and 11K attendees. We were blown away.

It was so popular that we figured it was worth doing again. This time, we’d tackle the challenge of Agile UX. Just like last time, we hand-picked designers and design leaders to present their case studies.

Spanning June 13–16 2017, Agile UX Virtual Summit features speakers from IBM, Fjord, Bloomberg, Hubspot, and Google Ventures.

Across four days, you’ll get advice from 17 speakers like:

  • John Zeratsky — Design Partner at Google Ventures and co-author of “Sprint: How to Solve Problems and Test Ideas in 5 Days”
  • Indi Young — Cofounder of Adaptive Path and author of “Practical Empathy” and “Mental Models”
  • Peter Merholz — VP Design at Snagajob and author of “Org Design for Modern Orgs”
  • Josh Seiden — Designer at and co-author of “Lean UX”
  • Essi Salonen — UX Designer at Fjord
  • Erin Sanders Muntzert — Senior User Researcher at Google
  • Vera Rhoads — Senior UX Manager at IBM
  • Carol Smith — Senior UX Manager at IBM

Topics include: design sprints, Agile user research, Lean UX for enterprises, story mapping, product strategy, UX documentation, and more.

We’re excited to host tens of thousands of folks from around the world again. And we’d love to see you there.

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